Friday, October 29, 2010

Is this attacking or mean?

Look I'm sitting up late, can't sleep, and I have a lot of shit on my head. And basically I can't do this anymore. This relationship is not nor has not become what I expected. And honestly I don't think it will... ever. I know you are a great person, but perhaps friends is best for us, if you can handle it. XXXX my idea of a good relationship includes good communication, quality time, and compromise and for some reason we are failing all three of those when it comes to my relationship standards. This hard for me to swallow bcuz I tried to give you my heart and tried so hard to make us work. You resisted us so much, and I don't know why. We've said I love you to one another but I believe that true love is when you put someone else's needs above your own. XXXX you've done a lot for me and my boys and I will always cherish that and never forget it. When you are ready to exchange our things, let me know. Now I know that you disown your exs but i hope we'll still able to be friends. I really do wish you the best and I'm sure your life will be less stressful without me trying to call you, text you, or spend time with you. So Take care and thanks again.
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Get Your Mind Right...

And yet another matutinal message from me: I think of blue on this hopscotch to my classroom, and it makes me think of beautiful blue skies and pretty blue eyes. And in contrast feeling miserably blue and oh seeing that doctor coming to give you news in those dreadful blue scrubs. Wait, doctors give good news too! My point is everything in life is circumstantial and it all depends on your attitude. We can't always have a positive outlook and be all smiles I know. But we all can think things through and look for the light amidst the darkness. We know that everything can't be "All gravy baby!" Life is a test in itself, so realizing you have no control over life and others is the most important first step. The next step is understanding yourself and knowing you have the power to make your moments, your days and your life better. So now you know and all I've got to say is... GET STARTED, MAKE IT HAPPEN! MuchLuv2All

P.s. my journey to work is much more of a jaunt than a hopscotch. That's why my messages are so long.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Cocky? Me?

‎"Mr. T, you're cocky!" claims a student. So in a nonchalant, yet hifalutin, way, I state, "you know what I understand how you could say that, and you're right. My CONFIDENCE allows me to do what I do, and do it oh so well. And guess what that is... ME!" Oh geez Mr. T. "Of course, no one is me to do it like me, but when I say this I'm expressing the fact that I do a number of things well; very well at that.

So when it comes to the things I do, there is certain way they're done. It involves a certain attitude, a distinct persona, a "TorryT-esque" approach and no matter what or who would do the same task, it won't ever be the same. It may be similar or even remind you of me, but the stamp I put on what I do is absolutely unforgettable. Heh heh heh Imitations are welcome, you can even steal an idea or two, but when it comes to me and my style, you may only come close. And sorry my friends, but we are in the game of life; we're not playing horse shoes here. {-love that line-} So my people, I hope you realize my vainglory stems from knowing, nah, truly understanding who I am. So as soon as you find that within yourself, then you may truly comprehend where I'm coming from; and then guess who'll be right there to pat you on your back... uALREADYknow. Have it easy today people.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gotta get it done...

One achievement must be attained by YOU today, to fulfill that feeling of accomplishment. But not by me, sorry, I must multi-focus on many tasks to conquer what lies ahead to not only accomplish tasks but to become the victor of the day; please excuse my vainglorious side, it surfaces sometimes.

Qik - After a month, my classroom is looking alright...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Starting anew...

It's in the air, a new season, a new month and a new chapter in my life. I shan't fossik a fresh spark to satisfy my soul, but rather a fresh start for the innovation of my incredible, yet infinitesimal, individual journey of improvement.
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