Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why daydreams bring happiness...

As I sit here in a parturient state, I begin to contemplate the everlasting pleasant effects of daydreaming... Hmmmmm

How can something usually known as being so fantastical by nature, bring such lasting happiness? Is it blind bliss? Or perhaps an interesting intuition of possible future events of certainty?

This insight came to me earlier...

Baby, dreams are said to be fantastical and though they may have real people in them, they are said to lack realism. However, your dreams and daydreams keep you mesmerized because your dreams actually have a true realism to them. They include real people, with real shared feelings involved in real events that are really going to happen. Unlike most dreams where the events are so far fetched, your,(excuse me), our dreams are one step to coming true with every single, text, conversation, shared song or realization we have with one another. I'm loving every second of this... Our future looks bright with us together as one. :-* 

mmmm feeling inspired. :-)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Source: facebook.com via Susan on Pinterest