Sunday, March 13, 2011

Five simple, but essential...

A fascinating friend of mine recently said, "Sometimes I wish I could run away from everything."

I followed her comment with, "Everything, Everything?"

She said, "Yeah just wanna run until my feet give out, hard to explain..."

Then I said, "I could think of five things you wouldn't ever want to run from..."

And after she said, "start naming"

This is what I said...

Okay, these are in no particular order, but here goes..... Your health and beauty, I really don't think you wanna runaway from being so blessed in those areas. You already know beautiful people with beautiful personalities get better treatment in life. (Secondly) Your family support, maybe not always, but could you imagine if you were an orphan that never knew who any of their family was? Third, your friends that absolutely adore you. We all have haters, but could you imagine having everyone hating on you and trying to get back at you? That would suck. (Fourth) How about, would you really wanna runaway from the freedom to make your own choices? Would you want your life handed to you and you would basically live a robotic predetermined life without the freedom of variety? And last but not least, would you want to runaway from the incredible feeling of true love... How can anyone justify the idea of living happily without something that completes you with the unison of mind, body (heart), and soul.

Now this literally took minutes for me to come up with and I really don't know why I even said "five" things in the first place. However as I look back on the list, I like what I said, no regrets or take-backs, but I could definitely elaborate on all them. But... I think it's best if I keep it short; for y'all's sake. I'm just glad I'm writing again.

Thank you... You know who.

Til next time peeps.

P.s. Don't forget to comment or complain... Either is all good.

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