Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Is it good or bad?

So they say technology is to blame for all the latest ugliness in the world huh? They got the craigslist killers, the myspace manipulators, and the facebook identity hackers, and folks playing with their twitter like this and that. HEH HEH HEH Well what about families staying connected, lovers finding long losts, friends finding and making awesome new friends all over the world, all sorts of new relationships developing from words on a screen to chat to pictures to phone calls to lets meet? When used the right way it's an awesome avenue for people to keep in touch through pictures, messages, groups, games and so many applications. I mean if there wasn't a facebook, our lives would be a little less enjoyable. Yeah I said it. Bcuz how else would everyone get to catch up with and stay up with the wonderful "ME". HEH HEH HEH And we can all say that about ourselves for sure. MuchLove2All. Gotta take the good with bad right?