Saturday, July 24, 2010

To have beauty or be beautiful...

They say "Beauty is only skin deep" and I call bull$#!t on that. I've met some people who have such incredible beauty on the outside and once I get to know them I see true beauty radiating from within their soul that shines so brightly to reveal that remarkable all around beautifulness. When you meet or find these types of people it's almost like experiencing an angelic visit. Because being around them rejuvenates me, enlightens me, inspires me, brings about my good vibes, optimizes me, excites me, and just altogether makes me wanna do great things. I just love the feelings it brings. So the reason I called the first statement bullshit is because it shouldn't say "is only". Perhaps it should be a question instead... I wonder if her beauty is only skin deep? Finding out how beautiful she or he may be brings about a discovery that could, quite possibly, spark a lifetime of happiness between friends or even lead you to that relationship that brings you your happily ever after. Make a point to not EVER miss an opportunity to find out how beautiful someone truly is. There's no doubt our lives are enriched with every beautiful thing that surrounds it; so open your eyes, open your mind, and then open your mouth to explore what's in store. You will not ever know by sitting far away and just smiling, or just passing by and saying hi, or by any form of quick, short, acquaintance-style communication. All I'm saying is that when you find a way to break the ice, not just slide across it, you will reveal a whole new dimension of life that you will literally fall in love with. I've learned that everything and everyone is multi-dimensional, therefore I must explore, explore, explore and then some more. You should try it. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. MUCHLUV2ALL

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