Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When I'm late...

When I'm late, I contemplate...

Am I slow to get up, or is my day quick to get started?

Is time truly of the essence or have I essentially lost my sense of urgency?

Does it matter how soon I get there because every pace with haste isn't part of a race, right?

Is there someone or anyone waiting for me, expecting me, or wishing I would show up for better or for worse?

The difference I plan on making, will it be short-lived or often recollected?

Is this really for the greater good, or do I just "think" I'm doing great?

Are you sick of all my questions, or do these thoughts ever cross your mind too?

Perhaps, I'll digress and ask... are you just sick of me, and my constant thinking, my regular mind-swirling activities, my "two cents", or just Torry T in general?

I could go on and on about ^that^ but where will it get me... it won't get me you or us or that plus one in my life that truly understands and appreciates me for... well me.

Ah yes, I must progress, I must advance, push on and persist; gotta get back to "winning" right?

Who knows "win" I'll "win" again but I know it's gotta happen soon, honestly, I'm not blowing smoke in the "win" because I've gotta get it back... I mean that's all I used to do.
Thanks... much love... uALREADYknow...

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  1. I love this! It's like we get a window into all the contemplations going on in your head...fantastic!