Monday, January 3, 2011

Gotta start off fresh....

Well, here it is... the day has come. That very first working day of the year. There are new resolutions, new promises, and new trials and tribulations to experience too. I have a few to do, a few more to keep and even more to endure. My life has been pretty open to some, but not to any"one" collectively. Encoded, encrypted, and enclosed, I shall somewhat remain to protect others from... hmmm, I'll save that for another day. I shall remain honest to others, humble in life, humane in my career and hungry in my determination to WIN, WIN, WIN. WIN what, you ask? Each and every situation that prohibits me from reaching the top, limits my lap of luxury, or obstructs my optimal goal.

I am expecting a lot of new things in MMXI. New opportunities, new struggles, new relationships, new love, new losses, new realizations, and many new exploits and encounters. However, I absolutely do not expect anything to fall into my lap; even though that $ 292 million lottery would fall into my lap quite nicely right now. But one cannot win if one does not play, right? And such is life, expecting good things to happen when there aren't substantial energies put toward achievement exemplifies an attitude of entitlement that will yield poor results every time. So if you want that job, do any and everything above and beyond to attain it. If you want that woman, then go get her with the right words, right gestures, don't play no games and go for it. Would you rather she say "No"or never know that she could have been your soulmate? So Go For It! And those of you out there who have a pessimistic outlook on life, three words... GET A LIFE! I'm serious because it's obvious you don't like yours, so it's time to move on and renew yourself. I, like a few of your friends are always here to listen, but you know a change is needed because the same sorrow you bring each and every time is a result of you not learning. You are making the same mistakes and your life will continue to be what you are unhappy with until you learn and understand. Stop being a "slave to your own shit"... go get your happiness and stop settling for less! Anything worth it, won't come easy. So essentially if I wanna win the lottery of life, then I must buy a ticket... That goes for you too.

Muchluv2yall... I'm back!!!!!

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  1. Very well said! Happiness won't come knocking, you need to shove through a few doors to get where you wanna be.
    Thanks for the much needed inspiration.