Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Free* hmmm

Do You Live Free? Uh sure you do.

That's one of those statements or phrases or quotes or tattoos people get to feel they are living their lives to the fullest. It's sad really because those two little words are very meaningful but no way near fully understood.

Do we Live Free when we wake up in the morning to go to work, being there at a certain time to clock in, go to lunch when we are allowed to, follow certain protocols and procedures, and then only leave work with permission?

Do we Live Free when we are following the ways of Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, Louis Farrakhan, the Pope, John the Baptist, Allah, Buddha, Reverend Jenkins, Pastor Smith, Bishop Nelson, or any other religious radical who says their way is the right way above all other ways?

(Whoa T! My bad folks)

Do we Live Free when we go to McDonald's to order a burger that has onions or pickles or mustard or anything on it that we don't want, but don't let them know we don't want that? Is it living free to go to any restaurant, order food, receive the food, and then realize the food is not exactly to your liking, but settle for it? It doesn't matter what's wrong with it... undercooked, overcooked, too much salt, too much seasoning, too spicy, or just the fact that you don't like how it tastes at all; would you really just say whatever, pay, even tip and keep your mouth closed? Is that what people do when they Live Free?

Do we Live Free when live by the laws and rules of our government? Where we can't steal what we want. We can't kill who we want. People can't drink when ever, where ever or how much ever they want. When smoking marijuana is illegal only because it can't be taxed and regulated? Does living free mean to have your every action governed and controlled by a system run by rich people that do not have the daily struggles we do, nor receives the repercussions or the consequences or the treatment we receive for breaking their laws?

Do we Live Free with manipulation, persuasion or mind control... Huh you say... No I'm not speaking of any X-men's Professor X telepathic stuff. I'm speaking of those times when your mind is made up, you are so sure about your ideas and confident about your decision until someone comes around and breaks all your confidence, shatters your hopes and discredits your decisions. I'm speaking of the times when you know yourself, know your feelings and know what you want until these certain people come around and persuade you into a completely different mind set. Or how about those days when you know what makes you happy because you feel in your heart, you know it in your soul and you think about it all day because it makes you feel so good, until you hear from that person or those people that find ways to sneak thoughts into your head that cause confusion and uncertainty. And they mess with your head because they know that they cannot change the undeniable feeling that your heart and soul possess. These people aren't strangers, but they are people who actually know you fairly well. The thing is if they were happy in their own lives then they would spread happiness and good vibes. However, when there is something in their life that isn't going very well and they lose control of it, then they begin to look elsewhere for things to control. Now their intentions are not bad and their advice is not always wrong,'s absolutely not always right. There are many reasons why they aren't right though, but the number one reason is because they are not in the situation of the person they are trying to control. They don't understand the emotion involved. They don't feel that certain feeling that is undeniable and unmistakable which in turn makes it unforgettable. They don't have the concern, the love, the happiness, the involvement, and time invested like you do. They see the scenario and look for the quick fix, without appreciating the delicacy of the situation and the circumstances involved. When this person begins to assess your life and attempts to advise you on your relationship or career decision or child care techniques or any part of your life without a full admiration of the whole situation, then their advice becomes disrespectful. When you are considerate and listen to their advice and give gratitude, a real friend who truly cares for you will stop there with their advice and be happy that you listened. Those who want you to take their advice and do what they want may get upset and that's when the attempt to persuade comes along, and things are said to begin the manipulation which in turn turns into control. This state of control happens when you care so much about the person who's giving you their "advice" and thinking they wouldn't ever steer you wrong, you think their advice is sound. Their advice is usually not intended to be bad, but oftentimes it's very misguided. For example, if someone is happy in their relationship and there becomes a bad incident, a good friend will support and reassure that the incident is probably isolated and that things will be alright. A good friend becomes a controlling friend when the bad situation arises and they exploit it. They will exaggerate the incident, bring up different things to worsen it and also give you quick solutions to be vindictive or strike back; instead of helping you ease the pain, they want you to become enraged. Of course, they will use words like, "I know what you mean" or "I feel your pain" because that soothes the soul.

(Okay, WOW, I'm going off and getting personal, I'm sorry. I've been coming back and forth to this part and I think I need to put it to rest. I've been on this portion of the Live Free life for a bit now and I think it's time I sum it up and come to a conclusion.)

Okay, the people who are happy in their own lives and love you and care for you for who you are will always want you happy and therefore will always encourage positive thoughts to you to enhance your life's experiences. All the while, helping you through rough patches in your life to maintain your happiness.

The people who struggle with happiness in their lives, but love you and care for you very much will lack the pure ability to encourage happiness and will regularly look to stir up uneasy feelings and add drama to any of life's incidents. It's not a lack of love for you that causes this. However it is the subconsciousness of "misery loves company" perspective. You don't need them bringing you down. So ignore their thoughts and move on to the next conversation, or put them in their place and let them know that they can be on your team, (happy and encouraging), or get on like they've been shit on; because they are not helping no matter how much they think they are.

Now to answer the questions above... Do we Live Free when... and the answers are all yes, but with limitations because we as a group and as individuals make the CHOICES to live this way. We do it for protection, we do it for morals, we do it because we're are scared to change so we follow others, we do it because it's safe and we do it because why would someone who loves us lead us astray. So I believe people Live Free, but most Live Free with limitations. And there's nothing wrong with that because we can't control everything in life. However, we always have a choice. ALWAYS!!! And we cannot give up that privilege and we must use it responsibly for our sanity and happiness. We also have to remember there are consequences for our choices, good and bad ones,and we cannot let that hold us back from living our life to the fullest so that we can truly Live Free...without limitations.

"Always remember, if you are happy, I'm happy for you and with you. But when happiness escapes you, I will be there to get you back on track; not put you on a different path." -M.U.

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