Thursday, December 22, 2011

Every 15 seconds a woman is beaten by her husband or boyfriend. (FBI Uniform Crime Report, 1991)

Listen, I'm going to start throwing some advice out there to young people all over the world. Now I say this is for young people because after a certain age we should know what we are trying to express and understand the consequences of our expressions a little more; at least we should. Now I'm going to tag a few people so they know I'm speaking to them specifically. Sorry, but the message needs to be sent. Tag whoever you know needs to read it as well. So please listen, like, hate, criticize, or delete me if you want afterwards, I really don't care because this needs to be said.

There are so many social networks out there that are cool because they allow people to express themselves in multiple ways. People express themselves through pictures, poetry, songs, notes, videos, likes and dislikes, tweets, diggs, +1's, and so on and so forth. Now I'm no one to judge what's the right or wrong way to express oneself, however certain things you express can give a perception of you that you may or may not want people to perceive. 

The first perception that I must bring up is for the young ladies. All women, yes, all women, are beautiful in their own way, and in more than one way as well. And as women grow they start understanding what guys start to notice about them. And because our world does not do much to build self-esteem in our female race, too many of our young ladies find confidence in showing off something that develops on them that does not develop on males. I am obviously speaking about the female breasts. Now there is nothing wrong with accepting your gifts and being proud of what your mamma gave you because you should be happy with what you have been blessed with. The issue begins with how you start to use or display them. For example, if you look at your posted pictures of yourself and 90% of them display cleavage, what do you think the perception is? Or if you look at your pictures and the one that people "like" the most is also the most revealing picture, what do you think people are thinking about? And this could translate to when you are having a conversation with a guy and he forgets where your eyes are, why do you think that is? Or when your buddies in school always want to hug you or grab you, and it seems a little extended, why do you think that happens? There are obviously multiple reasons, but notice this... are they giving the girl that's not as blessed as you, or who do not reveal so much, the same attention and long hugs? Hmmmm what I'm saying is that guys tend to think that girls who like to show it off are quite possibly the same girls that like to give it up. Guys see a girl who likes to semi-reveal herself in pictures, and think it would only be a matter of time before they reveal themselves to him. A few kind words, a movie, maybe a nice little gift and she should let me... Yeah, that's the perception. 

So ladies when you continue to get your heart broken frequently because he was tired of waiting for something he thought you were going to give up easily, or you are disappointed often by your buddies that don't just want to be buddies, or if girls are calling you a hoe or a ratchet or whatever, then maybe it's time to change your perception of yourself. 

Young ladies, you all have beautiful brains that you can show off. Let people know your thoughts, show them your interests, your intelligence, your curiosity and all the cool things you can imagine up. 

It is truly a beautiful thing when you realize you have a great lady with a great personality to share your life experiences with. 

And your brains are not in your breasts, so stop showing EVERY PERSON on your profile in EVERY PICTURE something that should be reserved for that one person, some day. Yes ladies you are beautiful, desirable and lovely in many ways, physically, but please start showing off your individuality instead of your sexuality all over the place. 

Just some, well a lot, of words and thoughts on perception... There's more to come... I've only just begun. As always... BeTheBest

P.S. Pretty girls that pretend to be provocative have oftentimes been raped and even killed... And so many look at them like it's the girls that brought on that type of attention for those horrific acts to occur. Please don't be the next victim. It's not worth it. 

  • 1 in 4 college women have either been raped or suffered attempted rape.
  • 1 out of 4 women is sexually assaulted at some point in her life.
These are true facts... check it...

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