Monday, November 26, 2012


Where does life lead... but to the next day?

Where does our breath take us... but simply away?

Am I to be the father, the son, the brother, the cousin, the uncle, the teacher, the friend... until the end?

Or will my legacy reveal me as the protagonist, even though I seem as more of an antagonist?

Could I be known as the Boss of the Bull$hitters, and simultaneously be the most innovative person you've come in contact with?

I really don't know, and I understand that my superciliousness can be overwhelming at times. However I hope you aren't Jaded nor lost by this, and can appreciate this efficacious earful, or should I say eyeful I have presented.

Just remember this... I may be I and you may be you, but we can't be we unless we see from the same sea...of shared dreams, goals, aspirations or whatever things may be.

I'm not done with this...

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