Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day huh

What a day of mixed emotions... Extreme highs and lows...
I've felt full of excitement, while also feeling completely eliminated.
I've embraced the glory of being a father, while also feeling battered by the idea that someone feels I've abandoned them.
I have been told that I give too much to too many, and that I'm there for more than I should for more than I can remember.
And I still have more to give, but is it all for naught when it doesn't reach the one I really want?
I love my #kidgenius and my heart hurts for my #brilliantdaughter, but part of my heart still goes out to those who reach out... to me.
I have never tried to replace nor replicate anyone, I am more as a supplement when needed.
Any man that can give his POSITIVE attention to any child needs to be applauded today.
I would like to ask women to stop feeding NEGATIVE thoughts to these children about their father. It only contributes to the sickening cycle that's all too common today of single moms and single dads having babies and fighting over custody and money and everything else that doesn't matter to the child. And no one is gaining except the state that collects the money from one parent, takes their cut, and distributes to the other parent. The lose-lose cyclic battle has to stop.
We are all in a struggle against some system of life, so can we please remember to succeed that we need to get along and boost one another's esteem and energy. This coalescence is the best way to come out ahead.
Together we will eventually flourish, divided we will gradually perish.

Happy Father's day to all the men who have stepped up and given advice, attention or appreciation for any child. Being a father-figure has nothing to do with common blood types, but everything to do with common interest, consideration, admiration and love. And to all the mom's out there, stop trying to get recognition on our one single day. You've got your own and I don't hear anyone praising dads on your day. Stop the negativity, Suggest the positivity, people.

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