Monday, June 21, 2010

Get that itch?

Is it good to have itchy feet or to stay cemented? I'm not speaking literally, of course, however metaphorically speaking I am talking about where you've been, where you are and where you can/will go. These three where's could pertain to many things... life, career, environment, style of life and/or maturity. But I am going to communicate the importance of where you live and how long. Now I'm sure you can figure out what staying cemented is, so when I speak of itchy feet, I'm talking about NOT having lived in one place all or most your life. You live somewhere, get a little established then you get that feeling that you are settling or not able to make any promotions, so you are ready to try something new. New surroundings, new culture, and new beginnings as well. What causes this? The need to explore, the need for a fresh start, and/or the need to grow.

The exploration of life is something our minds need to continue learning and to become more well rounded. We should explore different ways people live, survive and flourish. Discovering new ways to be happy and different things to do are essential in the pursuit of happiness and you find these through exploration. New life, new job, new love, new habitat and new beginnings are all pieces that can be revealed with a fresh start. There comes a time in life when your job gets stale or out of demand, or when your love life has become stagnant with the same characters around to date, or maybe you just aren't finding that gel to mix, that mold to fit, or that glue to stick in where you are. Something fresh, something new can/will alleviate that. "Not always," you may say. Yes always because it's not the same when you go fresh and you are not afraid to change. Do you realize time does slow down, sometimes almost stop? There's a certain type of clock that is within all of us that measures time with growth. The way we advance through life's different experiences and situations is what builds our maturity. When someone lives in the same environment all their life, they develop a comfort level. At this level, there are the same people around, same everyday circumstances, same regular comfortable things but also same stupid stuff as well,(like your friend or family that thinks things are the same as they were in high school, 15 yrs later). With this minimal change, there is no maturity of self because there aren't any new challenges to develop you, to make you better, or to enhance life. You stop growing in these comfort levels and slowly you begin to digress. Your clock slows down, you stop growing, you stop learning, and you stop caring to make things better. Your clock stops and you begin saying, "what's the point" or "nothing is gonna get better anyway," or "I can't do this or that now anyway." This is also the time when people begin thinking there's not much important things outside "their world." This isn't the type of attitude that makes it happen, makes a difference or makes anything for that matter; but you already know that.

Is this an easy transition... not for everybody, but there are tremendous benefits. Is this something anyone can do... YES, however it gets less easy with more years and more attachments, (but that doesn't make it impossible). Does it cost a lot of money... hell everything costs money these days, and you can let that get in the way if you are scared. Scared of hard work and dedication, scared of risk, and worried about controlling the unknown. "I can't afford it," can be used as a mask for all of the above. And you are right, we all can't just up and move like it ain't nothing, but don't let that stop you from trying by taking steps to get there and saving money. We already know if we want something, it ain't going to fall out of the sky into our lap. We must apply ourselves, stop putting things off, and follow through.

Should we all just jump up and go for it and move? No, no, no, that's not what I'm saying either. I'm saying visit a different country, drive to a new state, go on a cruise, go to college out of state, or go visit out of town friends or relatives, (we love the company ;-) ). It could be for any reason at all. Just go, exercise your brain and live a little. You may find somewhere you like and want to try to live there. If it doesn't work out, it's always easy to run back home and that's always cheaper. Because those people that were there when you left will still be there in their community with the same old circumstances and the same ridiculousness to complain about. You don't have to be that person. You can make a difference in your life, your family's life, your children's and the lives of those people waiting to meet you in those other places. So whether it's a new career, new environment, or new style of life just keep in mind to have an open mind and there's nothing to stop you but... you. So get out of your own way, and try something new today.


P.s. let me know what ya think, opinions welcome and praises appreciated.

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  1. I don't exactly agree with this.