Friday, June 11, 2010

Why or what's wrong?

Have you heard the statement,"Why you put your business out there?" Most of us have, and it pertains to all the new different avenues we have today to share our thoughts, feelings, triumphs and pains. We have all done it in one form or another, whether it's through today's social websites or simply someone getting LOUD in public or breaking down at work. No one is completely private, though some of us need to be more discreet and others less open. However the question shouldn't be "why" but what's wrong? Attention, and not the "hey look at me" type, but more like recognition is what that person may need. And nowadays there are more ways to reach out, so people extend themselves in as many ways possible bcuz who knows who's busy or tired or awake or can help. But people don't get it twisted, there's information and being too informative. We all have friends ready to be there, (and if you don't you need new real friends), but don't abuse your good friends bcuz you will lose them. We all have hard times but part of life is growth and we progress through life with struggle. So when there's a cry for personal consideration, make sure you are accepting and appreciative of it bcuz when you put yourself out there you should be open-minded. One more thing, be considerate in your responses, you may need help someday as well. Just be mindful to be kind bcuz you may need an ear someday and there may be no one anywhere. Trust that I'm here for you if you need me, but please keep your wits about and stay aware bcuz we're all needed. Much love to all y'all.

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