Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Judging... but was I rude... not that I really give a shiizzzzzzzzzz UITB

A good friend of mine put this as her status:

Lilly Olson-Keovilayphone: You should never judge the people you love... and actions ALWAYS speak louder than words...

Some friend of hers decided to respond this way...

Rob Collier: You are soooo correct!!! Also never judge a book by its cover!! I get this a lot!!! And I hate it!!! I am so use to getting dirty looks..was asked by my sis in laws dad how many years I was in prison? WTF? I got mad!!! I have never been to ...jail!! arrested or in any trouble what so ever!!! I just looked at him and said with a very angry look on my face.."You did not just say that to me" then I went off!! I think they have been upset with me ever since..talk about jumping to conclusions..and when did prison get such beautiful colors? Anyways never, ever judge ANYONE!!!One Love 

So I responded this way...

Lillian B, your statement about not judging the ones you love is spot on... bcuz you should be able to bypass all of that judgement with real love; real love for family or friends. NOW, Rob, that statement, "never judge a book by it's cover..." is one of the MOST hypocritical statements of all time! The reason I say that is bcuz EVERYONE does it in one form or another, and at one time or another inadvertently. It's all about presentation. If you walk around wearing a suit all the time, be prepared to have some think you are well off, professional and respectable. If you walk around sagging with your underwear hanging out, be prepared for people to thing you bang, you are a thug, you listen to offensive music and probably consider you uneducated. If you walk around with great makeup, large shades, nice clothes with a GORGEOUS body, be prepared for women to think you are a bitch, or full of yourself or even slutty if you are showing more skin than they are or your clothes are tight. People judge you if you are Black, if you are tattooed all over, or if you are you really fat or even just really tall! It's human nature to prejudge, and it's why people don't just walk up to others and have conversations with strangers on a regular basis. Bcuz we "think" or we "assume" or we "jump to conclusions" about how others are on their appearance. This is something we can't control but we can most definitely alter. My profile picture is a prime example, I wear those shades and walk around with that look on my face quite often and I am trying to portray myself as an "asshole" and that I'm unapproachable. And that's what I want you to think at that time. BUT... not one of my friends or family, if asked to describe me and my personality would ever use the word "asshole" to describe me. But it's how I present myself at times and if you present yourself a certain way, be prepared to take on and handle the scrutiny from all others. Yeah people say who cares what people think or what people say about you, but that's not true because we all care about that too, one way or another. IF you didn't care then why would you let what that guy say get to you? Why do we let any words people say of us get to us? Regardless of our reasonings, just realize that they just won when we show them our infuriation with their words. Instead you could have laughed and told him about himself. For example, while smiling at him you could have stated "hmmmm you must have spent a few times in prison yourself to identify that someone with tattoos must have done some time." And after making that statement to him, who do you think would be the one upset? Exactly. So all I am saying is always understand that you will be judged regularly bcuz of your appearance, as we all will. But it's up to you how you present yourself, which opens you up to different judgements you may or may not like. What's more important than worrying about being judged is how you react to it, and personally, I have already won, (besides all I do is WIN WIN WIN) every time someone looks upon me and "thinks" they know who I am, what I represent or what my next move is. I LOVE IT TOO bcuz they just proved to me that I'm better than they are with their negative assumptions, heh heh heh. On a final note, as a realist, I don't pretend to think everything is all good, or people generally think the best of others and with smiles and positive statements things will be all "gravy baby" bcuz they won't. Optimism takes action and can be achieved when you practice and believe. MuchLuv2All

p.s. damn I guess I felt pretty passionate about this, sorry Lil, but I know you understand the love. =^_^=

 So my question is this... am I rude or protective or straight up?

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