Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wow, she brought it...

There are people in this world who just effortlessly do it. "It" would be bring joy... I watched this lovely lady bring smiles and laughter to at least 10 strangers around her. She didn't even know she was doing it. The people around were your regular everyday people going through the motions of life, not smiling at anyone, not saying excuse me, no salutations, nor any eye contact for a possible greeting or grimey. But when this lovely incredible lady started to shine, I promise it was like magic before my eyes. The homey from the hood let the dust fall from his face as he cracked a winning smile, (unbeknownst to us around him), at such delightful pleasantries. A Latino brutha with music blaring in his ears heard not one other sound, but grinned gracefully at the site of gleefulness amongst him. The protective mother with her sadden-faced son let down her guard and revealed that "awww how sweet" smile, whilst her son joined in with laughter from the energetic entertainment in front of them. A teenager stared and oogled at the the lovely lady as if to wish she had the affect that lady had on others or perhaps her appearance that was just absolutely stunning. But it wasn't the beauty of this incredible lady that brought joy to these people for those moments, it was her "easy-to-smile-with-"demeanor, her beaming presence that reflected so well, and her attitude about how great life can be.

Communication, cooperation, and consideration played roles during this harmonious time. This lovely incredible lady talked to a little boy, about fried chicken, brushing his teeth and Superman. His voice was filled with excitement as he spoke loudly about how much he loved meatloaf and Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" and heads started to turn and faces began to show enjoyment. It was incredible, I couldn't believe what I was perceiving, I know it's not the first time this has happened, nor would it be the last. Just bearing witness to something so simple, yet remarkable, warmed my heart. This happy accident is way too irregular, and that's unfortunate. People, we all love being happy, but we are not allowing ourselves to do that anymore and it's easy. A simple smile, a NICE excuse-me, any courteous good-mannerism or any good-natured gesture makes a difference. They always say the little things count, but how about we start trying to count the little things that bring us joy, and in turn we share with others to enhance the lives around us. BTW you just did it for me by taking the time read a few words from me. =^_^= thank you MuchLuv2All

P.S. Should I have asked that woman with angelic appeal her name... nah I'll move on knowing she's blessing other souls with her rays of merriment and exhilaration.

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  1. This is beautiful. I love it..... when I'm having a sad or 'rainy' day... I will revisit this and read it.... it makes me feel happy. thank you. I love to read your posts.