Monday, November 15, 2010

A simple thank you... my way.

It's Monday morning, now night, and I'm feeling a matutinal message coming on...

I've strayed from the strange and diverged from the delusional.

Shall I dare compare to a great symphony, since my restlessness has been composed so harmoniously...

Or perhaps it was a felicitous gesture that made the difference. I'm not sure what it is, but I feel refreshed like a harley ride into the sunset. Hi! Me? on a motorcycle? Well we all know that I cancan be a little wilde at times, but liz-sen, I find time to chill and smell the lillies... Ooops.

You know, it could have been that angelique-blown wend that eased that hike from yester, garcias for that brutha. Al-i B knowing is that I feel good, like I just floo to the moon and back or better yet like I caught a ride with my boy Helios from one horizon to another with the soleil.

You know I frequently here the sam shit everyday. And Most y'all think I'm aragon-t! Mee?-shit, I bet I could ask ten people if I've enhanced their life lately and 9.5 out of 10 would kris-sen me with a toast to my good deeds, [the half is bcuz there's always an indecisive one lynn-ing one way or the other :-)]. Now since I'm not going to send out a massi email, Em probably gonna forget to show appreciation to a few of you but that's MA mistake, so please forgive me. I mean no disrespect so please don't chave me from your life. Bcuz I stefinitely need you, for bether or worse.

Haeil to my folks that differ from me so much, but keep me smiling with every site. I reenie, reenie, reenie need you too. And mark my word, I'll find a way to enhance everyone's life so chil - lemi take my time and find you; even if I go slow, like Fred and Barney using their feet to run them cars. Of course I'd much rather have an Auddie so yeah I know I'm being corny, but I'm trying to remember all my peeps that have been there for me lately.

Now you know you can r-eli on me to give you some lengthy word passages; some of wisdom and others that are a real knee slapper, quite hubertous indeed. But today I'm trying to make it feel like it's your day, almost like your birthday, (cheryl-y you can appreciate that!).

Now to be quite frank, I know I've been on the mike too long. So my efforts to win, win, win and be victorias have kept me going on and on. Sorry but when it's all love you don't stop until you get enough.

Talk about muchluv2all heh heh heh

P.s. Please don't try to emend my words, and I may be a lowly math teacher but I won a few spelling bees back in my day, but now I'm on my way to that masters... You coming to my graduation?
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