Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What are YOU gonna do?

...and what you do depends on what your state of mind is. Holding hate for something or anything doesn't allow you to evolve. In other words, a positive or productive outlook are the ways to get things done and have success. Without the right mind set how can you expect anything except poor results? Stop hating people, stop hating math, stop hating races, stop hating life and start focusing on what the solution is and where it all begins... Yeah I'm talking about you, the person reading this from your phone, your tablet, or computer or any other media device. It starts with YOU.. and nothing in YOUr life changes without YOUr help, YOUr effort and YOUr correct outlook.

So fix yourself! You cannot continue to hold society back with your excuses and sob stories waiting for pity and handouts; all the while crippling our world's future progress. Can we always be all happy and joyful? No. But we can experience, endure then expect something good to come out of bad situations.

Expect great things in life, give real effort and receive excellence. Thanks for listening.

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