Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy 60th

On this 6th day of September, 60 years have passed since the birth of THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO ME; my mother. And like this quote from Marion C. Garretty states mothers, (good mothers), are able to inspire normalcy to accomplish the impossible. My mom didn't take my classes to graduate from high school for me. My mom is very smart but she didn't get my Master or Bachelor for me. My mom is pretty good shape but she didn't "ball till she fall" nor "run like the wind" to earn scholarships for college for me. My mom is a very strong woman, however it wasn't her hands, elbows or tactics that got me through the toughest things in life. my mom may not have been the one to do things for me, but I know none of those things would have been accomplished without her inspiration and always believing in me. I feel like the luckiest son alive to be raised by someone who's always believed in me and helped build a confidence in myself that helps me know I can attain any and everything in life. So when y'all can't stand me or don't know where I get this or that craziness... Just know I get it from my momma.

Impossible? Nothing is impossible, especially since I'm Possible. ;-)

I LOVE YOU MA <---+----++±++--- trying to scream it loud enough for you to hear it in Vegas.

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