Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What did you do with your life?

"What did you do with your life?" That's a real question that we each should think about because in the end, (which is inevitable). That is a question that we will have to answer ourselves as we review the life we've lived.

Nobody's perfect, no matter how many scriptures you post for your status or how pure of heart people perceive you as. And, of course, no one is completely evil or have all the bad luck and negative vibes all their lives either. There's always a balance. Just like those who appear completely all good, have their flaws or skeletons they are covering up whilst those who tend to show pure evil have a side to them that anyone would love. Only you know what you've done or not fulfilled.

Instead of waiting until the end is here, and since we don't know when the end is near, we should look at each day and reflect. Fulfillment, accomplishment, realization? Did any of those happen today? And if so was it the same success as yesterday or have I moved forward in my life positively and progressively?

Basically, I'm wondering if you are a better person in any way shape or form then you were yesterday?

Just another matutinal message from M.E. have it easy folks... thanks for reading

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