Friday, August 30, 2013

Stay above

This must have fallen to me for a reason... Just a reminder that I must always look at every situation and stay above the nonsense... I don't have time to meddle in bitch sessions and pity parties. I know that to have a better life I must do better in my life, uplifting the energies of those loved ones closest to my heart and always look to move forward instead of dwelling past situations that I can't change.

"Resolve to Evolve" is right. And I must stay strong.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love in your life, or hate in your heart?

"@LoveQuotes: Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate."

So much easier to live a life of love, than enduring a life of hate.

There are so many things in this world to love and appreciate, and likewise an equal amount of things of disgust to hate. People these days are so easily depressed, so easily upset, and so easily controlled by others actions, others fortune, and simply others words. And it's getting worse because it's become so easy to be discouraged and down about life, and take a pill until it comes back again; besides misery loves company. I ask myself why have we not found a way to raise our children to think differently? How have we allowed negativity to be the norm? When does self esteem evolve into self confidence?

I was having a conversation with my mom once and I don't recall the exact topic, but I do remember her making fun of me about something. I then said to her...
"Ma, what if I took that personal and it really hurt my feelings?"
She claimed, "Boy, please, low self esteem doesn't even run in our family."
I sat back and thought, Hmmm she's right! Later in life, I realized that isn't exactly possible. I recognized that the reason I grew confidence during my childhood was because of how I was raised with encouragement and also the lessons I learned from the mistakes I made. And I made a ton growing up, and that's where most my knowledge and awareness developed from. As a teacher myself I know that you can only tell someone so much before they must experience it themselves.

Looking for the love and admiration of things in life is a process that isn't very easy to transition to, however it's a worthy process for all parties involved in so many ways. It unlocks a level of optimism that is so enjoyable that it becomes a way of life for you and it feels so good that you want to share it with those around you. It's one of those things that can multiply with time when so many people experience and express it themselves. This happiness is something you have to believe in and eventually expect it.

If you live your life a certain way with a particular expectation, then that expectation becomes a reality.

Believing in positive things and surrounding yourself with positive people will definitely give more opportunities for positive things to happen to you. I'm absolutely positive about that. HehHehHeh

In closing, I think about the statement... It takes more effort and muscles in your face to frown, than it does to smile.  Such as life... It takes more of an effort to ridicule, become angry with, get revenge on or so many other things to upset yourself or others than it takes to look past particular actions and smile thinking silently, 'They are doing the best they can with what they have and I should accept that.'

Live life without stress... It's never created a solid solution anyway.

Thanks for listening, please leave a comment if you got this far. ;-)

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

What are YOU gonna do?

...and what you do depends on what your state of mind is. Holding hate for something or anything doesn't allow you to evolve. In other words, a positive or productive outlook are the ways to get things done and have success. Without the right mind set how can you expect anything except poor results? Stop hating people, stop hating math, stop hating races, stop hating life and start focusing on what the solution is and where it all begins... Yeah I'm talking about you, the person reading this from your phone, your tablet, or computer or any other media device. It starts with YOU.. and nothing in YOUr life changes without YOUr help, YOUr effort and YOUr correct outlook.

So fix yourself! You cannot continue to hold society back with your excuses and sob stories waiting for pity and handouts; all the while crippling our world's future progress. Can we always be all happy and joyful? No. But we can experience, endure then expect something good to come out of bad situations.

Expect great things in life, give real effort and receive excellence. Thanks for listening.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

I love you means nothing, but...

These days people say I love you just as easily as they take a deep breath, so saying I love you to someone really means nothing anymore. It's almost like walking by a stranger and saying, "Hi, how are you?" Most of you don't really care how they are, you just wanted to say more words than Hi. So people please stop using the phrase, "I love you" so nonchalantly and expecting some great feeling too overcome you just because you think you feel it for someone or thing.

Now something of worth is when someone shows that they love you through their appreciation, their consideration, their admiration, their care and concern or just any or their simple actions that are so evident of love. When someone shows up to be there for you and not just when you need them, or when someone remembers a little detail about you and shows you by doing something relatively appreciative of it, or even when someone thinks of you regularly and shows love by doing simple things like sending a text, calling, instant messaging, dropping off little note, or any form or communication, these things shows love because it says I'm thinking of you and your happiness is important to me. So receiving love is truly something because you can go days without ever saying those three words, but still do so much and show actions that truly exemplify that you love someone. The sad part of this is that it is often taken for granted and sometimes taken advantage of.

In explaining how saying I love you is nothing, and how receiving love is something, it only make sense to point out when does love become everything. When a special person comes into your life, as a friend or as a lover or as a colleague or even as newly met family member, the one thing in your life that could mean everything is having love for someone who has that mutual love for you. When two people share that mutual love, one person's happiness becomes both of their happinesses. When love, admiration, consideration are things given regularly with nothing expected in return because it's a natural behavior of your appreciation in your life, this is another example when love is everything. When that mutual love exists, there is an energy between you and this other person that feels so good that you always enjoy being around them; as if they always raise you up. Now the love for your colleague isn't the same type of love that you have for your lover, nor is the love you have for particular family members the same as you have for all your family members. Let's be realistic, we all must recognize that a true love for another individual is about mutuality. True love isn't a one way street.

For example, someone could love Justin Bieber, (or any famous person that so many others lust about also), to the moon and back, but we know it means nothing because they just think on it, they don't act on it, and there is no return from him. Or I could love my daughter so much, and show her love every single day in so many ways. However when she decides to not return any love by ignoring texts, not answering calls, or minimal replies to messages, (as much as it hurts), this still means something because she actually receives the love but chooses not to return any back. But persistence will be key for me because I believe that one day this relationship can evolve into that mutual relationship of true love that changes lives everyday.

Finding people in your life with a real understanding of what love means is truly priceless; I know that sounds cliché. However, you honestly cannot put a price on that uplifting feeling of what a heavenly emotion of mutuality feels like. It is truly divine and definitely unforgettable. Taking it for granted... never happens.