Friday, October 8, 2010

Cocky? Me?

‎"Mr. T, you're cocky!" claims a student. So in a nonchalant, yet hifalutin, way, I state, "you know what I understand how you could say that, and you're right. My CONFIDENCE allows me to do what I do, and do it oh so well. And guess what that is... ME!" Oh geez Mr. T. "Of course, no one is me to do it like me, but when I say this I'm expressing the fact that I do a number of things well; very well at that.

So when it comes to the things I do, there is certain way they're done. It involves a certain attitude, a distinct persona, a "TorryT-esque" approach and no matter what or who would do the same task, it won't ever be the same. It may be similar or even remind you of me, but the stamp I put on what I do is absolutely unforgettable. Heh heh heh Imitations are welcome, you can even steal an idea or two, but when it comes to me and my style, you may only come close. And sorry my friends, but we are in the game of life; we're not playing horse shoes here. {-love that line-} So my people, I hope you realize my vainglory stems from knowing, nah, truly understanding who I am. So as soon as you find that within yourself, then you may truly comprehend where I'm coming from; and then guess who'll be right there to pat you on your back... uALREADYknow. Have it easy today people.

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